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Sol Inc is a company based in Palm City, Florida. Sol Inc has been manufacturing commercial-grade solar powered light systems since 1990. Sol's line of LED lighting solutions include: street & area, security, shelter, and sign lighting, as well as a variety of fixtures. Sol has installed over 38,000 systems in 61 countries. Typical applications include: perimeter and security, street and roadways, parking lots, paths and trails, parks and recreation, sign and billboards, academic campuses, bus shelters, remote operations and temporary sites.[2]

According to Audwin Cash, a spokesperson for the company, about half of Sol Inc.'s business is with cities and military bases. The other half of its business is in developing nations, mainly in Africa.[3]

On January 19, 2010, Sol Inc. arranged an airlift to take 15 lighting kits to Port-au-Prince. Each lighting kit contains a pole, an LED lamp, a solar panel and a battery. About half the lights were allocated to a medical clinic and the others to a temporary tent city where earthquake victims have gathered for assistance.[3]


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