Social Acceptance of Geothermal Energy in Southern Italy

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Conference Paper: Social Acceptance of Geothermal Energy in Southern Italy


Although Italy has any possible reason to be considered a geothermal country, there appears to be little knowledge or understanding of the potentials of this energy source and its implications for the general society. This paper presents the results of a cultural and social acceptability assessment of geothermal energy exploitation in southern Italy (Palermo, Sicily). This study had two primary objectives: (1) to explore the views and opinions of local communities regarding the potential and real exploitation of geothermal energy; and (2) to contribute to the growing scientific and social-scientific literature of the social acceptance of geothermal energy.

To explore attitudes and public views towards geothermal energy technologies, we performed a case study using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. Our case study has two basic components: (1) Focus Group studies were conducted on four different groups of citizens and stakeholders from the selected area. (2) A survey was conducted on a sample of 400 citizens calibrated by gender, age, education, job condition, and residence.

The results show that a public dialogue on geothermal energy exploitation should be based on and accompanied by a communication action strategy

Anna Pellizzone, Agnes Allansdottir, Roberto De Franco, Giovanni Muttoni and Adele Manzella

2015 World Geothermal Congress; Melbourne, Australia; 2015/04/20

International Geothermal Association, 2015

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Anna Pellizzone, Agnes Allansdottir, Roberto De Franco, Giovanni Muttoni, Adele Manzella. 2015. Social Acceptance of Geothermal Energy in Southern Italy. In: Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015. 2015 World Geothermal Congress; 2015/04/20; Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne, Australia: International Geothermal Association; p. _