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A time-saving, accurate, whole-house, state-of-the-art modeling audit tool with the ease and functionality that busy energy efficiency professionals need.


Data is entered into the app throughout the walk-though energy audit, then allows the findings to be presented to the homeowner in a easy to understand comprehensive report, showing the entire work scope with drill down details of each recommendation. These reports can be generated in the field at a fraction of the time of traditional modeling tools. Each recommendation in the homeowner’s report addresses; savings to investment ratio, installed cost, rebates & incentives, annual savings, comfort, health and safety issues, observations and notes, plus full color photos with captions.

iAudit Pro, with OptiMiser technology, will accurately predict energy savings, savings to investment ratio (SIR), annualized return (MIRR), and cash flow while harnessing powerful databases for installed costs, rebates and more. Cloud-based for easy access to data anytime, anywhere.

Report Recommendations

Each recommendation in the report addresses:

  • savings to investment ratio
  • installed cost
  • rebates & incentives
  • annual savings
  • comfort
  • health & safety
  • observations & notes
  • photos & captions


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