Small Wind Guidebook/What Do Wind Systems Cost

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What Do Wind Systems Cost?

First Endurance 50-kW turbine in New York State at Ledge Farms in Basom. Photo from Bryce Boggs/Niagara Wind & Solar, Inc., NREL 26475
Installation costs vary greatly depending on local zoning, permitting, and utility interconnection costs. Depending on these considerations, as well as the turbine size, small wind energy systems have an average cost of approximately $5,760 per kilowatt installed.[1]

Although wind energy systems involve a significant initial investment, they can be competitive with conventional energy sources when you account for a lifetime of reduced or avoided utility costs. The length of the payback period—the time before the savings resulting from your system equal the cost of the system—depends on the system you choose, the wind resource on your site, electricity costs in your area, and how you use your wind system.

Compare prices when shopping for a wind system as you would any major purchase by reviewing the product literature from several manufacturers.


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