Slim Holes At Fort Bliss Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

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Exploration Activity: Slim Holes At Fort Bliss Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Fort Bliss Area
Exploration Technique Slim Holes
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

When the U. S. Army was in the planning stages for a geothermal exploration program at Ft. Bliss, they approached the Geothermal Research Department for input on the structure of this progrm, this consultation led to a Work-for-Others (WFO) contract from the Army to Sandia for assistance on the exploratory holes. That assistance included consultation and dmection of drilling operations, numerous temperature logs during and after drilling, and project documentation. This report comprises a summary of operations, a detailed narrative of the project, daily drillhg reports completed by Sandia persomel, representative temperature logs from the holes, and cost itiormation on the drilling operations.


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