Silica Production from low-Salinity Geothermal Brines

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Conference Paper: Silica Production from low-Salinity Geothermal Brines


Earlier studies have shown that the extraction of valuable products from geothermal resources could offset the overall cost of power generation. Silica extraction is of special interest because it may reduce or prevent silica scaling, which is detrimental to plant operations. At the same time, silica extraction can produce a valuable commodity for other industries. Based on these studies, a pilot plant has been designed and constructed for the extraction of silica from low-salinity brines at Dixie Valley, Nevada. Some results dealing with the properties of silica recovered from the preliminary field tests and the commercial

usage of such products will be discussed.

Mow S. Lid, Michael Bohenek, Eugene T. Premuzic and Stuart D. Johnson

GRC Annual Meeting; San Francisco, California; 2000/09/24

Geothermal Resources Council, 2000

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Mow S. Lid, Michael Bohenek, Eugene T. Premuzic, Stuart D. Johnson. 2000. Silica Production from low-Salinity Geothermal Brines. In: GRC Transactions. GRC Annual Meeting; 2000/09/24; San Francisco, California. Davis, California: Geothermal Resources Council; p. 671-674