Shenyang Power Group

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A Shenyang-based (China) alliance of power companies created to compete on large projects. Controlled by A-Power Energy

"SPG is a local power industry alliance based in Shenyang, China, and it was formed early this year under the leadership of A-Power, China`s leading provider of distributed power generation (DG) systems and a fast-growing manufacturer of wind turbines. SPG`s member companies range from power equipment makers to engineering service providers. The alliance was created to integrate local resources and leverage the manufacturing, engineering and government initiatives in the Shenyang area so that SPG can pursue large-scale, international projects in the alternative energy sector. "

Example: 600 MW West Texas Wind Farm, $1.5 B, 36,000 acres, financing: Export-Import Bank of China

  • US Renewables Energy Group (DC, US)
  • Cielo Wind Power (Austin, Texas, US)
  • Shenyang Power Group (Shenyang, China) (manufacturer: 2.5 MW, 240 turbines)

Remark: To be eligible for US federal grants, the Obama Administration aims for manufactured products to contain 70-75% US parts. Remark: GE claims 1/2 parts in its turbines are US made.