Self Potential At Hualalai Northwest Rift Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Self Potential At Hualalai Northwest Rift Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Hualalai Northwest Rift Area
Exploration Technique Self Potential
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Self-potential surveys conducted over the summit and flank of Hualalai (Jackson and Sako, 1982; D. B. Jackson, pers. commun., 1983) indicate an elongate self-potential anomaly extending across the summit and down the northwest rift to Kaupulehu Crater. The positively polarized anomaly extends over an area of approximately 6 km 2 and has been interpreted to be the result of one or more buried high-temperature intrusive bodies (Jackson and Sako, 1982). Attempts to extend the self-potential profiles to lower elevations were not able to detect additional anomalies or were interfered with by buried pipelines or grounded fences.


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