Select actions for analysis and tailor to country contexts

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Stage 3

3c.6 Select actions for analysis and tailor to country contexts
Iterative process of policy analysis.png

Key Products

  • Multi-criteria impact analysis for each proposed policy, demonstrating, e.g., economic, social, and environmental development benefits, mitigation potential, market readiness, resiliency to climate change

Although there are policy best practices it is important that they are tailored to individual country circumstances. The following steps can assist in selection of policies that support deployment goals to be analyzed in the next step and inform how to tailor these policies to differing country contexts.

  • Define policy goals for the country
  • Clarify technical and market scope of policy or program
  • Identify how it builds on and complements existing policies or programs

The following report provides an example from the Center for Climate Strategies on the US stakeholder-led process for selecting policy options: Impacts of Comprehensive Climate Legislation on the U.S. Economy.