Secondary Energy InfoBook

From Open Energy Information

Fact sheets about the major energy sources, electricity, efficiency, conservation,transportation, and emerging technologies.

The teacher's infobook contains dozens of fact sheets about the major energy sources, electricity, energy efficiency, energy conservation, transportation, and emerging technologies. Detailed information covers an introduction to energy, the forms of energy, global climate change, the history of electricity, and information about the major energy sources. The companion book of student activities reinforces the vocabulary, concepts, and facts about energy. Answer keys are provided. The activities are:

  • Forms of Energy fill in the blanks
  • Biomass worksheet
  • Coal worksheet
  • Geothermal worksheet
  • Hydropower worksheet
  • Natural Gas worksheet
  • Petroleum worksheet
  • Propane worksheet
  • Solar worksheet
  • Uranium worksheet
  • Wind worksheet
  • Renewables and Nonrenewables pie chart
  • How We Use Our Energy Sources
  • Energy Source Puzzle
  • Electricity definitions
  • Electric Power Generation pie chart
  • Electricity crossword puzzle
  • Famous Names in Electricity
  • Electric Math matching