Scripps Channel 1

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Basic Specifications
Facility Name Scripps Channel 1
Overseeing Organization University of California, San Diego (Scripps)
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Channel
Length(m) 44.5
Beam(m) 2.4
Depth(m) 2.4
Cost(per day) Contact POC
Special Physical Features Strategically placed windows, longest being 5.5m, allow optical access from side
Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities Yes
Maximum Velocity(m/s) 2
Length of Effective Tow(m) 7.0
Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities Yes
Maximum Wave Height(m) 0.6
Maximum Wave Height(m) at Wave Period(s) 10.0
Wave Period Range(s) 10.0
Current Velocity Range(m/s) 0.0
Programmable Wavemaking Yes
Wavemaking Description Function Generator or user provided
Wave Direction Uni-Directional
Simulated Beach Yes
Description of Beach 1:10 slope
Channel/Tunnel/Flume Yes
Velocity(m/s) 2
Recirculating No
Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities Yes
Wind Velocity Range(m/s) 16
Control and Data Acquisition
Description Data only, control system separate, pc based, Measurement Computing PCI-DAS6014 card, 16 channel, 16 bit. DAS-Wizard software.
Number of channels 16
Bandwidth(kHz) .1 ; dependent on number of channels and computer speed
Cameras Yes
Number of Color Cameras 1
Description of Camera Types Sony DCR-HC32 camcorder
Available Sensors Flow, Turbulence, Velocity
Data Generation Capability
Real-Time No

Test Services
Test Services Yes
Utility Services Available Design, fabrication, and calibration
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Electronic, Machine, and Weld Shop/Forklift
Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics Yes
Types of Co-located facilities 10.5m Salt Water Deep Tank/Flume/2nd Wave Channel/Pressure Test Vessels/Temperature-Pressure Calibration Facility
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key
Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere
Both fresh and salt water types.

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