Multispectral Imaging At The Needles Area (Laney, 2005)

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Exploration Activity: Multispectral Imaging At The Needles Area (Laney, 2005)

Exploration Activity Details
Location The Needles Area
Exploration Technique Multispectral Imaging
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Remote Sensing for Exploration and Mapping of Geothermal Resources, Wendy Calvin, 2005. Task 1: Detailed analysis of hyperspectral imagery obtained in summer of 2003 over Brady's Hot Springs region was completed and validated (Figure 1). This analysis provided a local map of both sinter and tufa deposits surrounding the Ormat plant, identified fault extensions not previously recognized from field mapping and has helped constrain where to put additional wells that were drilled at the site. Task 2: Initial analysis of Landsat and ASTER data for Buffalo Valley and Pyramid Lake was performed. Preliminary imagery in Buffalo/Jersey was provided to Ormat to guide their initial development. Pyramid Lake analysis provided an initial assessment used to support a proposal to the Paiute Tribe for full analysis and hyperspectral data acquisitions. That effort was funded through the tribe for FY05. Task 3: Concurrent analysis of shortwave and thermal data (MASTER flights) were delayed due to late arrival of additional funding. Flight request were approved and are pending for the FY05 flight season. Task 4: Initial assessment of a variety of chip board cuttings and drill core from drill holes in the Desert Peak area was performed.

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