San Diego, California: Energy Resources

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San Diego is a city in San Diego County, California. San Diego is located in California's 49th, 50th, 51st, 52nd, and 53rd congressional districts.[1][2]

Registered Research Institutions in San Diego, California

  1. Global Energy Network Institute

Registered Energy Companies in San Diego, California

  1. Achates Power
  2. Advanced Solar Technologies Inc
  3. Advanced Telemetry
  4. Allied Sun Technologies
  5. Allylix
  6. Amulaire Thermal Technology
  7. Applied Solar LLC formerly Open Energy Corp and Barnabus Energy Inc
  8. Associated Media Holdings Inc formerly EL Tigre Development Corp
  9. Balance Energy
  10. Balboa Pacific Corporation
  11. BreezElectric
  12. Bull Moose Energy LLC
  13. CEYX Technologies Inc
  14. California Center for Sustainable Energy CCSE
  15. Cenergy Power
  16. City of San Diego Environmental Services Department
  17. Cleantech Energy Inc
  18. Cleantech San Diego
  19. Cryogel
  20. DG Energy Solutions
  21. Energy Eye
  22. Envision Solar
  23. Eurus Energy America Corporation
  24. Filmetrics
  25. First Wind (Formerly UPC Wind) (California)
  26. Fleet Biodiesel
  27. Fuel Cell Store Inc
  28. General Atomics
  29. Green Star Alternative Energy
  30. Greencore Capital
  31. Helix Wind Inc formerly ClearView Acquisitions
  32. Home Energy Systems Inc
  33. Innergy Power Corporation Inc
  34. Ionic Power Systems Ltd
  35. Itron (California)
  36. JP SCOPE
  37. Kent BioEnergy
  38. LightSource Renewables
  39. Maxwell Technologies
  40. Maxwell Technologies Inc
  41. National Lease Financing Services
  42. New Leaf Biofuel
  43. P and E Automation, Inc.
  44. PCN Technology
  45. Pearson Fuels
  46. Pervasive Inc
  47. PowerGenix
  48. PowerGenix Systems
  49. Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems Inc POEMS
  50. Pyron Solar
  51. Riverside Technologies Inc
  52. Sanyo North America Co
  53. Sapphire Energy
  54. Sapphire Energy Corp
  55. SeaWest WindPower Inc
  56. SolASE
  57. Solarese
  58. Solarium Energy
  59. Spinnaker Energy Inc
  60. Sun Solar
  61. Sunlight Direct
  62. Tecate Group
  63. Trex Enterprises
  64. US Farms Inc
  65. Verenium Corporation
  66. Viresco International Capital Management
  67. Windkraft Nord USA
  68. World Waste Technologies
  69. ZuumCraft, Inc.

Registered Financial Organizations in San Diego, California

  1. GreenCore Capital

Utility Companies in San Diego, California

  1. San Diego Gas & Electric Co


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