SWIR at Steamboat Springs Geothermal Area (Kruse 2012)

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Exploration Activity: SWIR at Steamboat Springs Geothermal Area (Kruse 2012)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Steamboat Springs Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique SWIR
Activity Date
Spectral Imaging Sensor MASTER, ASTER, AVIRIS
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding none

Analysis of the SWIR MASTER/ASTER data allow mapping of characteristic minerals associated with hot springs/mineral deposits, including carbonate, kaolinite, alunite, buddingtonite, muscovite, and hydrothermal silica. Mineral identification and the general distribution of specific minerals were verified utilizing ground spectral measurements and mineral maps produced from AVIRIS hyperspectral data.
MASTER and ASTER LWIR spectral signatures principally allow improved mapping of the distribution of siliceous sinter and alteration associated with these deposits.


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