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Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)

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How to use SWERA

Users can start from the SWERA home page to assess renewable energy data available for their country. Begin by clicking on the SWERA icon next to "Getting Started" and then clicking on a geographic location of interest on the map displayed. Clicking a country on the map will present the user with the option to view that country's profile in OpenEI or open the OpenCarto GIS analysis tool, allowing the user to search, visualize and explore the data. The tool provides a legend display for data searching, meta data information, detailed resource information provision at click, temporal graphing capabilities and the ability to change layer transparency and drawing order.

User Groups

The resources available on this website are designed to assist a range of stakeholders that seek cleaner energy solutions using renewable energy technologies.

Policy Makers: Solar and wind maps can help you estimate the renewable energy potential of your country and progress toward energy independence in a global context of continuously rising prices of fossil fuels.

Developers: Assessment maps, geographic analysis tools and optimization models can help identify specific renewable energy technologies to specific regions leading to effective uses of resources in siting studies and system design.

Investors: Renewable energy maps in combination with optimization models provide a credible probability of success of a project to be estimated.

Educators: Knowledge of renewable energy technologies is critical for informing the very young and future consumers and for educating future developers and leaders.

Utilities: What energy resources are available and how can load balancing be achieved?

Consumers: What are the renewable energy alternatives for specific individuals and communities? In rural areas, off-grid solutions using solar, wind, small-hydro or biomass are often cost-effective.