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Climate Layers

The climate layers are derived from data provided by NASA's Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) project derived from NASA's climate research to support renewable energy industries. The Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) data set contains solar parameters principally derived from satellite observations and meteorology parameters from an atmospheric model constrained to satellite and sounding observations. It is a 22-year climatology (July 1983- June 2005) on a one-degree latitude by one-degree longitude grid. The global coverage of the SSE data set fills the gap where remote locations lack ground measurement data. The SSE data set can augment ground measurement data affected by microclimates. There are parameters for sizing and pointing solar panels, solar thermal applications, cloud information, temperature, humidity, and wind parameters. The SSE data are considered accurate for preliminary feasibility studies of renewable energy projects. For more information visit the SSE Web site eosweb.larc.nasa.gov/sse/.