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Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform

The Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform is a software tool that provides a standardized format for collecting, storing and analyzing building energy performance information about large portfolios. The platform provides an easy, flexible, and cost effective method to analyze data about large portfolios of buildings and demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

State and local governments and building portfolio owners can use SEED to:

  • Establish their own secure, cloud-based data repository.
  • Import data automatically from EPA's Portfolio Manager and merge that with other existing datasets such as property records and energy audits.
  • Create custom search and reporting capabilities, such as compliance monitoring or performance analysis.
  • Publish select data and results via an open Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Export data to the Department of Energy's Buildings Performance Database to analyze energy savings and financial returns of potential retrofits.

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Open and Extensible

The SEED Platform is available as an opensource project that has been enabled to accept a variety of plugins. These plugins allow developers to quickly and easily customize the platform to suit their individual needs.

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More Information

View the SEED Platform page on EERE.

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