Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy: Technologies, quality standards and business models

From Open Energy Information

This publication aims to give eve- ryone, from the general public to decision makers, from potential investors to project promoters, the tools to understand what off-grid renewable energy technologies are all about.

The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) launched their most recent publication: Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy: Technologies, Quality Standards and Business Models. Taping into its members’ experience in developing countries, ARE aims to contribute to the decision-makers, potential investors, project promoters and the general public’s knowledge of renewable off-grid technologies.

From small individual installations to village or island grids, from PV to small wind or hydro, renewables offer a wide range of options. This publication includes an overview of these solutions, their advantages and challenges, all backed by concrete case studies. It also includes insights into quality standards, maintenance advices and business models.

In a language accessible to non-experts, ARE aims to support decision-makers in making an informed energy-related choice. A choice that considers not only the technological angle, but also the social and environmental factors influencing it, ultimately leading to the best solution for individual communities. For the first time the publication will also make available the contact details of ARE’s members working in the different sectors.