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Richway Group is a company based in Richmond, British Columbia: Energy Resources.


Vision and Objectives

Richway Group (Richway) is located in Richmond, British Columbia. It was established in 1995 to become the world’s leading supplier and operator of renewable energy and waste-to-energy technology. Richway is using its experience and expertise with the latest Canadian innovations and applying it to the conditions of the nowadays world.

At Richway the mission is to improve reduction, reuse and recovery, and recycling of waste in an economically viable and environmentally responsible manner throughout the world to produce renewable energy.

Richway's products reduce volumes of waste by 90-98%, recovers and uses ash, and generates electricity utilizing the cutting-edge, two-stage pyrolysis-gasification technology.

Description of Richway Technology

The Richway technology is based upon processing waste in two stages at temperatures sufficient to produce steam-generated electricity, renewable energy, while eliminating virtually all harmful by-products.

Richway designs and manufactures the controlled air pyrolysis system (CAPS), based on the controlled air and pyrolysis/gasification theory. The CAPS system has the advantage of relatively smaller construction area, modular capacity, clean emissions, and higher automation. It can operate continuously and/or intermittently.

Richway has developed a unique process for the efficient oxidation of solid waste that virtually eliminates all dioxins and other harmful materials. This process disposals the waste in two stages, while collecting the ash for further processing. The heat generated then drives steam turbines producing electricity, the energy is recovered from the waste.

Comparative Advantages

The Richway advantage is that the system works well in disposing waste in an environmentally suitable manner, and is economically profitable.

The advantage of the two stage processing is clean processing. The pyrolysis at lower temperatures in the gasification chamber means harmful dioxins are not created in the first place. The by-products, the heat energy and ash, create energy and bricks, thereby eliminating the need for the production of these products in an environmentally harmful manner.

The other main advantage is the adaptability of the system. Richway manufactures each facility to the specifications of the region. A Richway system is not a ‘one-size fits all approach’. The modular nature of the system allows for maximum flexibility. Each facility is designed to maximize production of waste disposal for the local conditions.

Intake and Output

The real flexibility comes from the various types of waste that can be processed through the Richway system, and the many streams of revenue that can be generated. The intake flexibility allows the facility to meet local conditions, such as urban, industrial and rural needs. It allows the facility to meet changing conditions of a developing country in transition. As an area changes from rural to industrial to urban, the source and content of waste will change over the life of the project

The output flexibility allows the facility to exploit market conditions for optimum revenue stream. This allows the facility to not be fully dependent on a set revenue stream.


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