Richland Energy Services - Residential Energy Conservation & Solar Loan Program (Washington)

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Last modified on December 17, 2014.

Financial Incentive Program

Place Washington

Name Richland Energy Services - Residential Energy Conservation & Solar Loan Program
Incentive Type Utility Loan Program
Applicable Sector Residential
Eligible Technologies Clothes Washers/Dryers, Dishwasher, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Heat pumps, Programmable Thermostats, Caulking/Weather-stripping, Duct/Air sealing, Building Insulation, Windows, Doors, Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaics
Active Incentive Yes
Implementing Sector Utility
Energy Category Renewable Energy Incentive Programs, Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs
Amount up to 15,000

Maximum Incentive 15,000

Equipment Specific Maximums
Heat Pump: 10,000
Ductwork: 1,500
Clothes washer 1,500
Refrigerator 3,000
Freezer 800
Electric water heater 700
Solar water heater 4,000

Terms Rate: 3% - 7% depending on duration of loan
Repayment: 1- 10 years
Program Administrator City of Richland

References DSIREDatabase of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency[1]


The City of Richland provides low-interest loans to encourageit residential customers to pursue equipment upgrades and home improvement measures that will increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Loans can be taken out for up to 10 years with interest rates ranging from between 3% and 7%; the interest rate generally decreases with shorter loan payback periods. Interest rates can also be reduced by choosing equipment and measures which exceed the program's minimum efficiency standards. Individual measures have maximum loan amounts, and the maximum loan per customer for multiple measures is $15,000. The maximum loan amount for solar water heaters is $4,000. The loan amount for solar photovoltaics is $5,000 per kilowatt (kW), up to a maximum of $15,000. To qualify for a loan, the customer must have:

  • Electric service from the City of Richland
  • A favorable credit history
  • Proof of income
  • No liens beyond the first mortgage or equity
  • A site-built home (not a manufactured home)

Incentive Contact

Contact Name Dawn Senger
Department City of Richland
Division Power and Resource Management, Development Services Center
Address 840 Northgate Drive
Address 2 PO Box 190
Place Richland, Washington
Zip/Postal Code 99352
Phone (509) 942-7436
Phone 2 (509) 942-7431

  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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