Review international policy best practices and lessons learned

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Stage 3

3c.5 Review international best policy practice and lessons learned

Stakeholders should also review case studies, lessons learned and best practices on application of policies and deployment programs in countries similar to their own. Some resources to find these best practice and lessons learned documents are listed below.

Clean Energy

Further best practice documents that planners can review in relation to policy design are listed below.

Compendium of US Policy Best Practices
International Clean Energy Analysis Policy and Program Design Toolkit
IEA workshop on Global Best Practice in Renewable Energy Policy Making
NREL State of the State Report
Advance Vehicles
Technology Action Plan Advanced Vehicles
Technology Action Plan Bioenergy
Carbon Capture, Use and Storage
Technology Action Plan Carbon Capture, Use and Storage
Energy Efficiency
Technology Action Plan Buildings
Technology Action Plan Industrial
Building Energy Codes-Best Practices Report for APEC Economies
ACEEE Energy Efficiency Scorecard
IEA Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations to the G8 2007 Summit, Heiligendamm
High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions (HELE) Coal Technologies
Technology Action Plan Coal
Marine Energy
Technology Action Plan Marine
Smart Grid
Technology Action Plan Smart Grid
Technology Action Plan Solar
Technology Action Plan Wind
Land Use
What Is Needed to Make REDD+ Work on the Ground: Lessons Learned from Pilot Forest Carbon Initiatives
A Nested Approach to REDD+: Structuring Effective and Transparent Incentive Mechanisms for REDD+ Implementation at Multiple Scales


Where can I find a comprehensive collection of policies that support low-emissions development?

What financing programs would help support carbon mitigation options?

What policies can be used to support sustainable forestry?

How can agricultural and forest sector policies be reformed to support low emission planning?

What regulatory reforms have been implemented by other countries to support low emission development?

How should I design the policies and deployment programs that will help my country achieve its development goals?