Results Of Geothermal Exploitation In Mexico In 2004

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Conference Paper: Results Of Geothermal Exploitation In Mexico In 2004

The geothermal-electric capacity in Mexico is 953 MWe, installed into four geothermal fields (Cerro Prieto, Los Azufres, Los Humeros and Las Tres Virgenes). This represents 2.1% of the total electric capacity for public service in the country. Thirty six power plants of several types (condensing, back pressure and binary cycle), between 1.5 and 110 MWe, operate in those fields, fed by 206 geothermal wells with a combined production of 7,800 metric tons of steam per hour (t/h). The production wells have depths between 600 and 4,400 meters. Steam comes with almost 9,000 t/h of brine that is injected through 16 injection wells, or treated in a solar evaporation pond of 14 km2 in Cerro Prieto. During 2004, steam produced in those fields equaled 68.7 million of metric tons, and the power plants generated 6,577 gigawatts-hour (GWh), which represented 3.2% of the electric energy produced in Mexico. All the power plants and the geothermal fields remain operated by the public utility, the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE).

Luis C.A. Gutierrez-Negrin and Jose Luis Quijano-Leon

GRC, 2005

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Luis C.A. Gutierrez-Negrin,Jose Luis Quijano-Leon. 2005. Results Of Geothermal Exploitation In Mexico In 2004. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)