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A Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS, is a regulation requiring electricity providers to obtain a certain percentage of their power from renewable energy sources by a specified date.

U.S. State Programs

The following table summarizes RPS programs that have been adopted in U.S. states.

State Type Amount Year Administrator
Arizona Mandary 15% 2025 Arizona Corporation Commission
California Mandary 33% 2030 California Energy Commission
Colorado Mandary 20% 2020 Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Connecticut Mandary 23% 2020 Department of Public Utility Control
District of Columbia Mandary 20% 2020 DC Public Service Commission
Delaware Mandary 20% 2019 Delaware Energy Office
Hawaii Mandary 20% 2020 Hawaii Strategic Industries Division
Iowa Mandary 105 MW Iowa Utilities Board
Illinois Mandary 25% 2025 Illinois Department of Commerce
Massachusetts Mandary 15% 2020 Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources
Maryland Mandary 20% 2022 Maryland Public Service Commission
Maine Mandary 40% 2017 Maine Public Utilities Commission
Michigan Mandary 10% 2015 Michigan Public Service Commission
Minnesota Mandary 25% 2025 Minnesota Department of Commerce
Missouri Voluntary 15% 2021 Missouri Public Service Commission
Montana Mandary 15% 2015 Montana Public Service Commission
New Hampshire Mandary 23.8% 2025 New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning
New Jersey Mandary 22.5% 2021 New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
New Mexico Mandary 20% 2020 New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Nevada Mandary 20% 2015 Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
New York Mandary 24% 2013 New York Public Service Commission
North Carolina Mandary 12.5% 2021 North Carolina Utilities Commission
North Dakota Voluntary 10% 2015 North Dakota Public Service Commission
Oregon Mandary 25% 2025 Oregon Energy Office
Pennsylvania Mandary 8% 2020 Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Rhode Island Mandary 16% 2019 Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
South Dakota Voluntary 10% 2015 South Dakota Public Utility Commission
Texas Mandary 5,880 MW 2015 Public Utility Commission of Texas
Utah Voluntary 20% 2025 Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Vermont Voluntary 10% 2013 Vermont Department of Public Service
Virginia Voluntary 12% 2022 Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy
Washington Mandary 15% 2020 Washington Secretary of State
Wisconsin Mandary 10% 2015 Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Source: U.S. Department of Energy[1]


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