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Report: Renewable Energy Transmission Roadmap


Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly large part of state energy portfolios in the West. However, the continued expansion of renewable energy is primarily dependent on the availability of transmission. Development of a renewable energy project in the Western United States is formidable and requires interested parties to navigate a path of complex federal, state and local regulatory approvals and permits. Encircling this process is the electric utility industry and the variety of studies, technical modeling processes, economic assessments and operational requirements that often drive the development of electric infrastructure. To assist in navigating the renewable energy development process, the Western Governors’ Association has prepared this “roadmap” of the steps an energy project, be it generation or transmission, typically takes from concept to construction. The document highlights key information compiled from existing national, regional, and state studies, and directs the reader to sources of information that contain additional details. It identifies key issues that typically face energy development projects in the Western U.S. and some strategies for addressing challenges that may arise along the way. The overall objective is to assist energy projects as they get underway by providing an outline of development activities, including process, timing, potential hurdles and key stakeholders. No document could cover all of the processes or issues that might arise in each state within the WGA footprint. For that reason, energy project developers are encouraged to identify and work with local agencies and stakeholders in their specific geographical area, confer with organizations that support the development of energy projects, and engage professionals in relevant disciplines in order to maximize the potential

for project success.

Western Governor's Association

Western Governor's Association, 2010

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Western Governor's Association. 2010. Renewable Energy Transmission Roadmap. Denver, CO: Western Governor's Association.

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