Renewable-Based Energy Secure Communities (RESCOs) University of California, Merced

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This document includes the general plan in simple to understand terms for University of California Merced's net-zero energy plan. It includes details for the solar photovoltaic, renewable energy plan, and a biomass waste-to-energy generator.

Community Information
Name University of California, Merced
Type University/College
Population 3,191[2]
Community Energy Goals Zero net energy by 2020.
Baseline UC Merced used a base line of Calendar Year 2007 7,222 MT CO2e on campus 1,740 MT CO2e off campus 6,711 MT CO2e campus related More information can be found in the University of California, Merced Climate Action Plan:
Results to Date Current results can be found on the Cal-IRES website at: February 2011: The energy efficiency protocol is complete, and the implementation is estimated at 30% completion. Solar data has been collected for the seasonal model, and calibration is being implemented. The plasma gasification system has been designed, manufactured, and shipped to the project site.


The document includes a list of implementation measures that UC Merced is taking to reduce their energy profile. Population citation:

Environmental Aspects

1 MW Solar photo-voltaic generation facility that provides 20% of the campus electricity load currently.

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