Regional Power Sector Integration: Lessons from Global Case Studies and a Literature Review

From Open Energy Information


"This briefing note draws from the experiences of RPSI schemes around the world to present a set of findings to help address these challenges. It is based on case studies of 12 RPSI projects and how they are dealing with key aspects of RPSI, such as:

  • Finding the right level of integration
  • Optimizing investment on a regional basis
  • Appropriate regional institutions
  • Technical and regulatory harmonization
  • Power sector reform and integration
  • The role of donor agencies
  • Reducing emissions through RPSI
  • RPSI and renewable energy

By demonstrating what has and has not worked in different regions around the world, this report explores findings and develops guidelines in these key areas to help RSPI practitioners—politicians, utilities, governments, regulators, financiers, aid agencies, and others—identify strategic solutions to pursue. While there is a commonality of themes among different RPSI projects, all guidelines would need to be adapted to local conditions. The findings demonstrate how persistence and constancy are often needed to deal with the nonlinear progress and lengthy timelines of RPSI. Many factors can impede progress but nothing in the RPSI schemes studied undermines the many essential benefits of RPSI that many countries are already receiving. The RPSI process requires—and warrants—both perseverance and flexibility of approach to succeed.


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