Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific

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Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific is an organization based in Bangkok, Thailand.


"RECOFTC’s work is being guided by the 2008–2013 Strategic Plan: People and Forests in a Time of Rapid Change, Strengthening Capacities for Community Forestry to Respond.

Our vision is to see local communities in the Asia-Pacific region actively involved in the equitable and ecologically sustainable management of forest landscapes.

Our mission is to enhance capacities at all levels to assist people of the Asia-Pacific region to develop community forestry and manage forest resources for optimum social, economic and environmental benefits.

RECOFTC’s key lesson learned from over two decades of work is that strong capacities are crucial for successfully engaging local people in forest management. This concept forms the basis of RECOFTC’s strategic and program plans for the current five–year period and the strategy to foster this engagement.

The need for strong capacities has been further reinforced with the recent rapid changes in political, economic, social, and environmental spheres that are impacting upon millions of people living in and around forests.

Climate change, increasing water scarcity, trends towards decentralization, and the bio-fuel revolution are generating both opportunities and threats for people and forests.

Actively engaging local people in forest and other natural resource management is essential to mitigate the threats these changes present and to enable local people to manage their resources for maximum economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Good governance, strong local institutions, and strong capacities that cross-cut from local through to international levels are required.

RECOFTC invites you to read our 2008–2013 Strategic Plan and to support us in working for people and forests."


  1.  "The Center for People and Forests"