Refraction Survey At Kilauea Summit Area (Chouet & Aki, 1981)

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Exploration Activity: Refraction Survey At Kilauea Summit Area (Chouet & Aki, 1981)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Kilauea Summit Area
Exploration Technique Refraction Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Our first experiment was a refraction survey to determine the P-wave velocity structure of the lake; for this survey we used 20 shot points distributed along the major and minor axes (see Fig. 3) with charges of 0.23--1.6 kg of dynamite in each hole depending on the distance between the shot point and the array of geophones. The P velocity in the upper crust shows large lateral variations with values ranging from 2.2 km/s down to 0.8 km/s, the lowest velocity being found in the area of the eruptive vent near the western end of the lake (Fig. 4). These velocities are at least a factor of 2 lower than those determined from laboratory measurements on drill core samples retrieved from Kilauea Iki and probably reflect the presence of the numerous cracks formed in the crust by cooling (Peck and Minakami, 1968).

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