Reflection Survey At Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Area (Colwell, Et Al., 2012)

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Exploration Activity: Reflection Survey At Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Area (Colwell, Et Al., 2012)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Reflection Survey
Activity Date 2011 - 2011
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Seismic surveys ware conducted to gain a better understanding of the geology and structure of Neal Hot Springs and the surrounding areas. This study was conducted by a geophysics field camp from the Colorado School of Mines.
Two seismic surveys were done, the first was a low frequency survey where two 20 ton Veritas Vibroseis trucks were used to generate seismic waves. The detection unit was a Sercel 120 channel recording system. The spacing between geophones was 30 meters which provided data to depths of about 1 km. Due to limited offset during acquisition no data was recorded in the shallow subsurface to the west of the hot springs. The second survey was a high frequency survey where a 50 kg hammer was used as the seismic source. The detectors were set up with 96 active channels and a geophone spacing of 5 meters. This survey was done to fill in the shallow subsurface data that low the frequency survey missed. A fault dipping 60 degrees to the southwest was detected and is likely the main path that heated water flows in the geothermal system.


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