Reflection Survey At Lightning Dock Area (Cunniff & Bowers, 2005)

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Exploration Activity: Reflection Survey At Lightning Dock Area (Cunniff & Bowers, 2005)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Lightning Dock Area
Exploration Technique Reflection Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

After reviewing bids from six firms, LDG contracted with Bird Geophysical Services ("Bird") to conduct a test to determine if relatively small, spring-assisted, drop weights could be used to successfully acquire deep reflections. This test showed that the contractor could produce usable data to depths of more than 1,500 ms two-way travel time. (For a given velocity model, this two-way travel time is equivalent to several kilometers of depth penetration.) Subsequently, LDG used Bird's services to acquire new traverses totaling about 27.6 km (17.2 mi.) along roads leading through the center of the LDG lease and the center of the shallow geothermal anomaly. This total included four new traverses across the putative Animas Valley Fault using 1-2-km traverses in four different locations.

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