Reducing Forestry Emissions in Indonesia

From Open Energy Information


"In this paper, we look critically at the trade-offs between development pathways based on land-intensive enterprises and climate change mitigation. Without a coordinated approach to multiple objectives, efforts in one area could undermine efforts in the other. For example, potential major investments in processing infrastructure could lead to economic losses if the allocation of land for carbon sequestration results in a shortage of raw materials for these industries. On the other hand, expanding plantation production to provide inputs to processing enterprises could undermine national efforts to reduce GHG emissions if this expansion depends on increased deforestation...The aim of this analysis is to provide order of magnitude information to stakeholders, both national and international, about the potential conflict between the dual objectives of carbon emissions reductions and economic development. This analysis provides important indications of areas where synergies exist and where multiple objectives can be pursued sustainably."


  1.  "Reducing Forestry Emissions in Indonesia"