Recent Discovery Of A New Geothermal Field In Italy- Alfina

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Journal Article: Recent Discovery Of A New Geothermal Field In Italy- Alfina

Research and initial exploration drilling carried out in the Alfina geothermal area are dealt with in this paper. The Alfina area, located in northern Latium (central Italy), is almost lacking in hydrothermal manifestations at the surface. The research approach included two main steps: the first consisting of studies and investigations on a regional basis (geology, photogeology, hydrogeochemistry, gravimetry and shallow resistivity prospections); the second consisting of specific surveys (geothermal gradient, heat flow, deep geoelectric prospecting, etc.). The latter surveys were conducted only in the preferential areas which had been singled out by means of regional investigations. The regional and specific survey pointed out that the Alfina area is characterized by a convergence of different geological factors favourable to the existence of geothermal fluids at depth; thus, the first exploration well in this area was drilled and completed in the summer of 1973. The results of this well confirm that a geothermal reservoir exists in the Alfina area at depths below 600 m. An outline is finally given of the future development of the new geothermal field.

R. Cataldi and M. Rendina

Published Journal 
Geothermics, Date Not Provided



R. Cataldi,M. Rendina. . Recent Discovery Of A New Geothermal Field In Italy- Alfina. Geothermics. (!) .