Radon - A Friend Or A Foe

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Journal Article: Radon - A Friend Or A Foe

Radon has two facets. On the one hand, it poses grave health hazards to not only uranium miners but also people living in normal houses and buildings. On the other hand, it helps in mineral exploration, earthquake prediction, study of volcanic activities, and search for geothermal energy sources. Some of the characteristics of radon are now well known, while others are yet to be explored. It has proved to be a good friend and a powerful enemy at the same time. This paper is a brief introduction of the potential benefits and possible threats of radon and its daughters.

H. A. Khan

Published Journal 
Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements, 1991

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H. A. Khan. 1991. Radon - A Friend Or A Foe. Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements. (!) .