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Nevada Solar Cultural Resource Assessment(11-NV)

Typically, early consultation and close coordination with the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is necessary to prevent the inadvertent disruption of a historical site. The Nevada State Office of Energy (NSOE) offers resources, available on their website, to assist developers with cultural considerations for energy projects. The SHPO is responsible for identifying, evaluating, registering, and protecting historical properties and resources in Nevada. For certain projects, SHPO consultation may include meeting with potentially affected Indian tribes. If, during project operations, the developer makes an inadvertent discovery of human remains or a tribal burial site, the developer must notify the SHPO Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology.

If the project is on federal land, a protocol agreement such as the agreement with Bureau of Land Management serves as an excellent reference for the cultural process.

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Use this overview flowchart and following steps to learn which federal and state permits apply to your projects.