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Utah State Environmental Review (9-UT-a)

Information current as of 2020
Utah does not have a mandatory state environmental review process for development projects. However, a developer may utilize the optional Energy Pre-Design Meeting process to coordinate permitting requirements from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

State Environmental Review Process

9-UT-a.1 - Information Sheet

Developers considering establishing or expanding facilities in Utah may use Utah Department of Environmental Quality's (DEQ) Energy Pre-Design Program to assist with obtaining environmental permits quickly and efficiently.

9-UT-a.2 - Determine Necessary Agencies Outside DEQ

DEQ will arrange a meeting with division representatives to introduce the permit process, explain which permits are required, and detail pollution prevention techniques. Contacts from DEQ who attend the meeting will serve as the project point of contact for the developer from that point forward. Coordination of division representative schedules requires contacting DEQ at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

9-UT-a.3 to 9-UT-a.4- Notify/Invite Relevant Agencies To Pre-Design Meeting

To set up a Pre-Design meeting, please contact the Office of Planning and Public Affairs of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

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