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Delaware Transmission Siting (8-DE-a)

In Delaware, transmission siting authority is primarily delegated to local governments. The Delaware Public Service Commission regulates public utilities by establishing service territories, but does not have regulatory authority over transmission siting. Del. Code. Ann. tit. 26 § 203B(g). A developer must obtain approval from the appropriate local authority prior to constructing transmission facilities. Del. Code. Ann. tit. 9 ch.25 § 2510.

Transmission Siting Process

8-DE-a.1 to 8-DE-a.2 – Contact Appropriate Local Authority

Depending on where the project is located, a project developer may need to obtain regional, county, and/or municipal approval prior to constructing a transmission facility. In New Castle County, Delaware, a developer may not begin “construction of a building or structure, or any electrical system… without first filing” a building permit application with the New Castle County Department of Land Use. Del. Code. Ann. tit. 9 ch.25 § 2510. For more regarding local transmission siting information, see: Land Use Planning:

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