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North Dakota Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-ND-a)

Information current as of 2020
In North Dakota, a person (developer) may need an Oversize or Overweight Permit (Permit) from the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) to move a vehicle and load on state roads that exceeds North Dakota’s vehicle size and weight restrictions. N.D. Cent. Code § 39-12-02(1). Generally, a developer needs a Permit if the vehicle and load exceed:
  • 8 ½ feet in width;
  • 14 feet in height;
  • 75 feet in length; or
  • 105,500 pounds in gross weight.
There are many additional restrictions to the size and weight of vehicles on North Dakota state roads. For a complete list of size and weight restrictions, refer to the NDHP Vehicle Legal Size and Weight Guide, the NDHP Weight Limitations Chart, and N.D. Cent. Code §§ 39-12-04 - 39-12-06.

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-ND-a.1 – Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

The developer must submit a Permit Application (Application) to NDHP. The Application can be submitted, and the Permit obtained, on NDHP’s Online E-Permits System. The Application can also be submitted directly to the NDHP Permit Office. The Application must include:

  • The developer’s name, address and phone number;
  • A description of the vehicle, including the vehicle’s:
    • Year;
    • Make;
    • Serial Number;
    • License plate number and state;
    • North Dakota registered gross vehicle weight;
    • Tire width;
    • Number of axles;
    • Tires per axle;
    • Axle spacing; and
    • Track width;
  • If applicable, a description of the unit being towed by the vehicle;
  • A track width measurement form or load diagram, if any of the following apply:
    • The gross vehicle weight exceeds 250,000 pounds;
    • A non-standard trailer is used;
    • The outside track width on the axle(s) with two tires is less than 6 feet; or
    • The outside track width on the axle(s) with four tires is less than 8 feet;
  • The overall dimensions of the vehicle and load, including width, height, length and overhang;
  • The axles weights and gross weight of the vehicle and load;
  • The start date of the movement;
  • The point of origin and destination; and
  • The desired route to be traveled (optional).

NDHP Permit Policy for Movements of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles and/or Loads.

The developer must also submit the appropriate Permit fee with the Application. The typical fee for a single trip Permit is $20, but a different fee may be assessed based on the specifications of the vehicle and load. For complete fee requirements, refer to the NDHP Permit Policy for Movements of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles and/or Loads, and N.D. Cent. Code § 39-12-02.

6-ND-a.2 to 6-ND-a.4 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

After receiving an Application, NDHP reviews the Application for administrative and technical completeness. If the Application is incomplete, NDHP notifies the developer of the deficiencies. If the Application is complete, NDHP decides whether a Permit should be issued to the developer. In assessing the Application, NDHP considers:

  • Whether the Application is complete;
  • Whether the developer has paid the appropriate fee; and
  • If the developer has shown “good cause” for the proposed movement.

N.D.C.C. § 39-12-02(1).

6-ND-a.5 – Oversize/Overweight Permit

If NDHP approves the Application, NDHP issues a Permit to the developer. A single trip Permit is valid for three (3) days after issuance. The developer must have possession of the Permit prior to the move. Permits issued by NDHP are subject to a variety of general conditions, including time-of-day travel restrictions and appropriate vehicle signage requirements. Depending on the specifications of the vehicle and load, escort vehicles may be required. For a complete list of Permit conditions and limitations, refer to NDHP Permit Policy for Movements of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles and/or Loads.

6-ND-a.6 — Appeal Decision (Optional)

Any party to a NDHP proceeding may appeal the decision within 30 days pursuant to N.D. Cent. Code §28-32-42.

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