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Montana Floodplain Development Permit (6-MT-e)

Floodplain Development Permit Process

Anyone planning new development within a designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). Check with local floodplain [www.mtfloodplain.mt.gov administrator] to determine whether a Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) has been designated for the stream of interest.

New development including, but not limited to, placement of fill, roads, bridges, culverts, transmission lines, irrigation facilities, storage of equipment or materials, and excavation; new construction/development, placement, or replacement of manufactured homes; and new construction, additions, or substantial improvements to residential and commercial buildings.

The contact information provided by the webpage:

Floodplain Management Section

Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

1424 Ninth Avenue

P.O. Box 201601

Helena, MT 59620-1601

(406) 444-0860

6-MT-e.1 - Floodplain Development Permit & fee

The floodplain development permit form is available from the local floodplain administrator. The fees are also set by the local offices.

6-MT-e.2 - Review application

The city or county floodplain administrator will review the application to ensure appropriate planning in order to avoid flood hazard. All administrators use a common application checklist.

6-MT-e.3 - Floodplain Development Permit

The permit is issued by the local floodplain administrator in writing.

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