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Montana Other State Construction Permits (6-MT-d)

Other State Construction Permits Process

This overview is intended to direct the developer to additional construction permits.

For projects intended near waterways, Montana also provides a joint application process rather than applying for each individual permit. See the joint permitting webpage.

6-MT-d.1 - Is the development in a Special Flood Hazard Area

Special Flood Hazard Areas can be determined in consultation with local planning commissions. See Lincoln County for examples of SFHA maps.

6-MT-d.2 - Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Permits are available from the local floodplain administrator a local official designated by the City or County government.

Floodplain Development Permit:

6-MT-d.3 - Will the project cause a short-term violation of the turbidity standard

Any person, agency, or entity, both public and private, initiating construction activity that will cause short term or temporary violations of state surface water quality standards for turbidity must apply for 318 Authorization.

Turbidity is a principal physical characteristic of water and is an expression of the optical property that causes light to be scattered and absorbed by particles and molecules rather than transmitted in straight lines through a water sample. It is caused by suspended matter or impurities that interfere with the clarity of the water. These impurities may include clay, silt, finely divided inorganic and organic matter, soluble colored organic compounds, and plankton and other microscopic organisms.

See EPA's definition of turbidity.

6-MT-d.4 - Short-term Water Quality Standard for Turbidity (318 Authorization)

Short-term Water Quality Standard for Turbidity (318 Authorization):

6-MT-d.5 - No permit needed; Continue with project

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