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Montana Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-MT-a)

The Montana Department of Transportation requires permits for the use of overdimensional and/or overweight vehicles on state highways under Montana Code Annotated 61-10-101 et seq. and Administrative Rules of Montana 18.8

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-MT-a.1 to 6-MT-a.2 - Does the Load Require an Oversize or Overweight Permit Under MCA 61-10-101 et seq. and ARM 18.8

The provisions in MCA 61-10-102 through MCA 61-10-104 and MCA 61-10-106 through 61-10-110 as well as ARM 18.8.5 govern the maximum dimensions, weights, and other characteristics of motor vehicles operating on highways in the state. Vehicles exceeding the maximum width, height, length, distance between axles, and weight may require an Oversize or Overweight Permit.

6-MT-a.3 - Overdimensional or Overweight Permit Application

Montana employs a self-issuing permit system. The applicant must insert all information on the permit form in order to validate the permit. If the permit is not completely filled out it is subject to confiscation.

6-MT-a.4 to 6-MT-a.5 – Does the Load Require Special Approval, a Vehicle Weight Analysis, or a Route Analysis

If the overdimensional or overweight load requires special approval, a vehicle weight analysis or a route analysis the applicant is not eligible for the self-issuing permit system and must obtain approval from the Montana DOT.

6-MT-a.6 – Have you Previously Been Cited for Misusing the Self-Issuing System

If the Montana DOT has repeatedly cited the applicant for failures to completely fill out the self-issuing permit, the DOT will deny the applicant the privilege of using the self-issuing permit system.

6-MT-a.7 – Review Permit Application

The Montana DOT reviews overdimensional and overweight permit applications for applicants that are not eligible to use the self-issuing permit system.

6-MT-a.8 - Overdimensional or Overweight Permit

A self-issuing permit is valid upon payment of fees by the applicant. For permits requiring review, the DOT will issue an Overdimensional or Overweight permit after special approval, a required analysis, or after reviewing the application of an applicant that has previously abused the self-issuing permit system.

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