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Illinois Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-IL-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Illinois, a person (developer) may need an Oversize-Overweight Permit (Permit) from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDoT) to move a vehicle or load on state roads that exceeds the state’s size and weight restrictions. Il. Comp. Stat. tit. 625 ILCS §§ 5/15 et seq..

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-IL-a.1 to 6-IL-a.2 – Does the Vehicle and Load Exceed Illinois’ Size and Weight Restrictions?

A developer must obtain a Permit if the developer’s vehicle and load exceed Illinois’ size and weight restrictions. Generally, a developer needs a Permit if the vehicle and load exceed:

  • 8 ½ feet in width;
  • 13 ½ feet in height;
  • 60 feet in length; or
  • 80,000 pounds in gross weight.

For complete size and weight restrictions, the developer should refer to Il. Comp. Stat. tit. 625 ILCS §§5/15 Art. 1.

6-IL-a.3 – Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

If the developer’s vehicle and load exceed Illinois’ size or weight restrictions, the developer must complete and submit a Oversize-Overweight Permit Application (Application) to IDoT. The Application can be submitted in person at the IDoT Permit Office or online on the IDoT Automated Permit System. The Application must include:

  • An indication of whether the Permit requested is for a single trip or a limited continuous operation;
  • An indication of whether the developer is an authorized carrier under the Illinois Motor Carrier of property Law, and if so, the developer’s certificate, registration or permit number issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission;
  • A description of the vehicle and load; and
  • A description of the proposed route.

Il. Comp. Stat. tit. 625 ILCS §5/15-301(b).

The developer must submit an appropriate Application fee to IDoT. The Application fee is determined by the specifications of the movement (dimensions of vehicle, superload qualifications, length of proposed route, etc.). For complete fee schedules, see Il. Comp. Stat. tit. 625 ILCS §5/15 Art. 3.

6-IL-a.4 to 6-IL-a.5 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

After receiving an Application, IDoT reviews the Application for administrative and technical completeness.

6-IL-a.6 to 6-IL-a.8 – Review Application for Approval

If the Application is complete, IDoT reviews the Application for approval. IDoT may approve the Application if IDoT determines that highways and bridges will not be unduly damaged, and the safety of the travelling public will be adequately protected. Il. Admin. Code tit. 92 §554.103(A).

If the Application is not approved, the developer should consider alternate routes or methods of transportation.

6-IL-a.9 – Oversize/Overweight Permit

If IDoT approves the Application, IDoT issues a Permit to the developer. Single trip Permits are valid for five (5) days after issuance. Il. Admin. Code tit. 92 §554.201(A). All Permits are subject to the conditions, terms and restrictions provided in Il. Admin. Code tit. 92 §554. The developer must also obtain a copy of the OPER 993 Special Vehicle Movement Permit Provisions. The Permit and OPER 993 must be carried in the vehicle during the move. Il. Admin. Code tit. 92 §554.426.

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