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Idaho Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-ID-a)

Overlegal permits are issued to protect the "safety and convenience of the general public." The Idaho Transportation Department is also concerned with the preservation of public roads. The Department's authority is limited to state highways. Overlegal permits for travel on local roads must be granted by the local highway authority unless the state and local authority have entered into an agreement.

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-ID-a.1 - Does the project require an overlegal load

A load is overlegal if the load is:

  • width over 8'6";
  • Over 14' tall;
  • Truck and trailer combined are over 75' long; or
  • The load weighs over 80,000 pounds.

6-ID-a.2 - Meet to discuss application criteria

The procedure for obtaining an overlegal permit in Idaho is informal. It is recommended that the first contact with the Idaho Transportation Department be by phone to the overlegal permit office. The application may be completed over the phone with an official. The official will complete the application using the electronic system, will generate a permit and fax it to the applicant. The applicant should be prepared to furnish the following information:

  • Name of the owner, operator or lessee of vehicle;
  • Description of the load including the manufacturer and or model number;
  • License number of the vehicle;
  • Licensed capacity of vehicles;
  • Axle information (spacing, number and size);
  • Gross weight;
  • Route;
  • Planned days of travel;
  • Evidence of insurance; and
  • Evidence of necessity of the movement.

6-ID-a.3 - Certification that load cannot be reduced

Generally an overlegal limit permit will not be issued for loads that can be reduced thereby not requiring an overlegal permit. Certification need not be formal. It may be a verbal statement to the official in the overlegal permit office. The applicant need only demonstrate that steps have been taken to reduce the size of the load or at least minimize the load.

6-ID-a.4 - Traffic control plan (as required)

The need for a traffic control plan may be discussed with the official in the overlegal permit office. Flagging and pilot vehicles may be made a condition to the permit if safety concerns require extra caution. Traffic control plans are required if the load is 27' in width and 170' in length or greater.

6-ID-a.5 - Review application materials

The official in the overlegal permit office will review the application materials and request additional information if necessary. The materials reviewed will include the necessary fees. The fee is due at the time the permit is issued. In lieu of paying the fee, the applicant has the option of submitting a bond. The fees are determined using IDAPA

6-ID-a.6 - Overlegal permit

The overlegal permit must be carried in the vehicle during the permitted trip.

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