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Hawaii Boiler Pressure Vessel Permit (6-HI-e)

Boiler Pressure Vessel Permit Process

Boiler/Pressure Vessel Permit

6-HI-e.1 - Application Documents

Boiler installations shall require filing of an application for installation permit prior to the commencement of work.

An installation permit shall be issued by the department based on the approval of drawings and specifications pertaining to the installation of boilers, pressure vessels or pressure system. Operating permits shall be issued on the basis of the report of the acceptance inspection and each permit inspection.

The department shall, before issuance of a permit for installing, constructing, reconstructing, or relocating a boiler system, charge and collect a fee for each permit in accordance with the regulations. Should the developer wish to have inspections in addition to the final inspection, an additional service fee is assessed.

6-HI-e.2 to 6-HI-e.3 - Review Application for Completeness

A complete application shall include date of application, project name and address besides name and address of installer, type of license held and expiration date. The contact person and phone number shall be specified. The contact person and phone number shall be specified. The applicable fees indicated on the application form shall accompany the request. The National Board number shall be filled in appropriately for each vessel to be installed. No boiler or pressure vessel shall hereafter be installed in the State unless it has been constructed in conformity with the ASME Code, registered with the National Board, and installed in conformity with §12-220-11. The Department has 30 days upon receipt of a complete application to act on the application or it is automatically approved.

6-HI-e.4 to 6-HI-e.9 – Permit to Operate

The department shall issue a "permit to operate" for any boiler, pressure vessel, or pressure system required by the rules and inspected by an inspector employed by the department and found to be safe and in compliance.

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