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California Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-CA-a)

Information current as of 2021
In California, a developer may need to obtain a Oversize/Overweight Permit from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to move a vehicle or load, that exceeds statutory limits, on a state highway or street. Caltrans has discretionary authority under Cal. Veh. Code § 35780 to issue Oversize/Overweight Permits for the movement of vehicles on state highways and streets with loads exceeding the statutory limitations on size, weight, and loading. Caltrans establishes the administrative process, standards, and conditions for issuing Transportation Permits in Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual (TPM).

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-CA-a.1 to 6-CA-a.2 – Does the Type of Load Require a Transportation Permit?

Chapter II of the TPM specifies what types of oversized loads require a Transportation Permit from Caltrans. Caltrans issues Transportation Permits for, single trip TR-0015, annual TR-0031 transportation, and repetitive trips.

Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual

6-CA-a.3 – Application for Transportation Permit (Form DM-M-P-16)

A developer seeking a Transportation Permit must complete Form DM-M-P-16 and submit the Application to Caltrans for review and approval.

15 Cal. Veh. Code § 35781

6-CA-a.4 – Does the Application Meet Caltrans Acceptance Criteria?

After the applicant (developer) submits the Transportation Permit Application, Caltrans reviews the Application for completeness and accuracy. If complete, Caltrans will determine whether to deny the permit based on conditions specified in TPM Section 104.

Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual

6-CA-a.5 to 6-CA-a.6 – Does the Developer Appeal Caltrans Decision Not to Issue a Permit?

If Caltrans denies the (applicant) developer a Transportation Permit the developer may appeal the decision to the District Permit Engineer under TPM 105. If the issue cannot be resolved at the District Permit Engineer level, the applicant (developer) may submit written justification and evidence to the Chief Transportation Permit Branch Engineer for review.

Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual

6-CA-a.7 – Is the Appeal Successful?

If the appeal is successful, Caltrans will issue the developer a Transportation Permit. If Caltrans denies the appeal, the decision to deny the Transportation Permit will stand and the developer may not continue with the project.

Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual

6-CA-a.8 – Transportation Permit

Upon Caltrans’ approval of a Transportation Permit application, Caltrans will issue the developer a serially numbered Transportation Permit for the specified oversized transportation.

Caltrans Transportation Permits Manual

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