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Nevada Sundry Notice (5-NV-b)

Sundry Notice Process

The Nevada Division of Minerals can issue a sundry notice form for various modifications, minor changes, and routine maintenance of a well that is not covered under the initial permit or application. The developer should contact NDOM before undertaking any of these activities to ensure that the proper documentation is filed. NAC 534A.535.

5-NV-b.1 - Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells (Form 4)

The owner of a geothermal resource or operator must notify NDOM of an intention to:

  • Make a minor change in the manner in which a well is operated;
  •  Conduct a temperature or pressure survey;
  •  Conduct a flow test; or
  •  Perform routine maintenance of a well

This notice must be submitted on the Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells form provided by NDOM.

5-NV-b.2 - Review Sundry Notice and Approve or Deny Application

Upon receiving the application, NDOM will review and deem if the change is appropriate. In extraordinary circumstances, the Division may grant oral permission to engage in an activity, however, oral permission does not relieve the developer or operator of obtaining a valid sundry notice approval of the change (NAC 534A.540).

5-NV-b.3 to 5-NV-b.4 - Is Proposed Change Under Sundry Notice in Accordance with NAC 534A

The proposed change must meet all of the requirements listed in NAC 534A.540 for approval. In addition, the application should include the appropriate fee.

5-NV-b.5 - Sign and Approve Sundry Notice Form

The owner of the geothermal resource or operator obtaining the sundry notice approval must report to NDOM any progress or completion of an activity regarding the permission required for this sundry notice application (NAC 534A.540). The developer must receive approval of the sundry notice form application before commencing any of the proposed changes.

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