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Idaho State Land Access Permits (3-ID-b)

If a project is located on Idaho state lands or the developer requires access or a right of way across state land then the developer will need a permit from the Idaho Department of Lands.

State Land Access Permits Process

3-ID-b.1 to 3-ID-b.2 - Does the Activity Involve Construction, Drilling, or Invasive Exploration Related to Geothermal Rights Under State Land?

All land access issues (except non-invasive exploration) related to geothermal rights under state land will be covered by a Geothermal Lease issued by the Idaho Department of Lands. This includes drilling, invasive exploration, construction of facilities, construction of roads, pipelines, and utilities; in addition to access and right of way issues.

The Idaho Department of Lands uses a phased lease process that covers all the stages of a project.

State Lands Commercial Geothermal Lease:

3-ID-b.3 to 3-ID-b.4 - Does the Activity Involve Exploration with No or Low Surface Disturbance?

Non-invasive geophysical exploration requires a Land Use Permit for activities on state lands.

Land Use Permit:

3-ID-b.5 to 3-ID-b.7 - Is the Activity for Access or a Right of Way Across State Lands?

A Term Easement is required if the developer only needs access or a right of way across state lands (ie. to lay a pipeline).

Term Easement:

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