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Nevada Well Abandonment (20-NV-a)

This flowchart illustrates the procedure for plugging or abandoning a well in the state of Nevada. The Nevada Division of Minerals (“division”) oversees the well abandonment or plugging process through the use of an administrator.

Well Abandonment Process

20-NV-a.1 – Application to Plug or Abandon

The developer must submit an application for permission to abandon or plug a well. The administrator may give oral permission to begin abandonment or plugging operations in extraordinary circumstances. If the administrator gives oral permission, the developer is still required to submit a complete application (NAC 534A.540(2)).

The application to plug or abandon must be accompanied by a detailed statement of the proposed activity (NAC 534A.470).

20-NV-a.2 – Is the Application Approved?

The developer is required to obtain permission to engage in plugging or abandonment operations.

20-NV-a.3 – Conduct Plugging or Abandonment Operations

The developer must conduct plugging or abandonment operations consistently with any requirements provided by the administrator.

20-NV-a.4 – Notify the Division of Completion of Plugging or Abandonment

The developer must report to the division when plugging or abandonment operations are complete (NAC 534A.540(5)).

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