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Montana Well Abandonment (20-MT-a)

Montana requires the employment of particular engineering standards when abandoning wells. Developers may elect to abandon wells or wells are deemed abandoned if they have not been monitored for three years. If the developer wishes to use an "abandoned" well, written permission must be obtained from the Board of Water Well Contractors.

Well Abandonment Process

20-MT-a.1 - Remove casing and/or seal well

Monitoring wells and flowing wells have different methods of abandonment. A monitoring well may be abandoned by:

  1. the casing and screen are sealed from the bottom up
  2. removing the casing (which is the preferred method) and fill the hole with sealing material
  3. other methods after written approval from Board of Water Well Contractors.

Flowing wells should be abandoned by using cement grout, well packer or a wooden or cast plug.

20-MT-a.2 - Water Well Log Report

The report should be submitted to the Groundwater Information Center of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. This report should be submitted within 60 days of abandoning the well.

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