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Hawaii Well Abandonment (20-HI-a)

All wells and test borings as defined in these Standards must be properly abandoned and permanently sealed to protect the groundwater resources of the State of Hawaii from contamination and waste and to protect public health and safety, whenever:

1) The well has served its purpose, or

2) The use of the well has been permanently discontinued, or

3) The well is not being properly maintained, or

4) The physical condition of the well is causing a waste of groundwater or is impairing or threatens to impair the quality of the groundwater resources, or

5) The well is in such a state of disrepair that its continued use is impractical or it is a hazard to public health or safety

See Hawaii Well Construction & Pump Installation Standards Handbook.

Well Abandonment Process

20-HI-a.1 - Notice to Commission

The Commission requests that notice be given in advance of abandoning a well. There is not a particular notice form available online to report the planned abandonment.

20-HI-a.2 - Perform well abandonment sealing

Abandonment and permanent sealing of a well requires a permit from the Commission. A permit is not required for abandonment/sealing of test borings. A licensed well driller with a C-57 license shall perform all well abandonment and sealing. A detailed record of the abandonment and sealing of all wells must be maintained by the well driller for future reference and demonstration that the well was properly sealed. A well abandonment/sealing report (forms available at the Commission office or at the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management Webpage) must be filed with the Commission within 60 days after completion of the work.

Grouting materials acceptable for use to permanently seal wells and test borings are neat cement, sand-cement slurry, concrete, cement bentonite or bentonite pellets. The materials selected depend on field conditions and must be approved by the Chairperson prior to sealing. After grouting, all wells must be sounded to determine if the grout has settled.

20-HI-a.3 - Work Completion Report

The Well Abandonment Form must be submitted within 60 days of the completion of work. The report is submitted to the Commission on Water Resource Management, P.O. Box 621, Honolulu, Hawaii 96809. For assistance with the form contact Hawaii Well Construction and Pump Installation Standards or call the Regulation Branch at 808-587-0225.

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