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Oregon Underground Storage Tank Permit (18-OR-a)

In Oregon, a developer may not install, operate, or close an underground storage tank (UST) without obtaining a general permit registration certificate from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). OAR 340-150-0020.

Underground Storage Tank Permit Process

18-OR-a.1 - Application for General Permit Registration Certificate, EPA Notification (EPA Form 7530-1) or Equivalent, Signed Statement, Fee

According to OAR 340-150-0020, a developer may not install, operate, or close an underground storage tank (UST) without applying for and being issued a general permit registration certificate from the DEQ.

The developer must apply for a registration certificate at least 30 days before installing, operating, or decommissioning an unregistered UST. The application must include:

  • A completed EPA Notification for Underground Storage Tanks or equivalent form developed by the department; and
  • A signed statement by the owner or proposed permittee that the owner or permittee (must identify which one) will comply with the financial responsibility requirements of OAR chapter 340, division 151 before operation of the UST system.

The owner or proposed permittee must include the appropriate registration fee with the application in accordance with OAR 340-150-0110(1) for an installation certificate for new USTs to be installed or OAR (340-150-0110(6)) for an operation or decommissioning certificate for USTs that should have been registered previously.

18-OR-a.2 - Is the Application Complete

DEQ will review the application for completeness.

18-OR-a.3 - Return Application to Developer for Completion

An application that is incomplete, unsigned or that does not include the required attachments or fees will be returned to the owner or proposed permittee for completion. The application will be considered to be withdrawn if the required information is not submitted within 90 days of the date that the application was returned by the department. (OAR 340-150-0020)

18-OR-a.4 - General Permit Registration Certificate

When an application is determined to be complete, the UST facility and each individual UST will be assigned a unique identification number (i.e., UST facility ID number and tank permit number) by the DEQ.

A general permit registration certificate is issued to the permittee for each UST facility. In all cases, the permittee must comply with the general permit requirements whether or not an actual registration certificate is issued.

(OAR 340-150-0020)

18-OR-a.5 - Comply with Installation and Operator Requirements; Pay Annual Compliance Fee

To maintain compliance with a general permit installation certificate, the permittee must:

(a) Install all UST system components and ancillary equipment in accordance with the following performance standards and requirements:

  • (A) For installation of USTs and underground piping, OAR 340-150-0300 and 340-150-0302;
  • (B) Install under-dispenser containment for each new, moved or replaced fuel dispenser system. This rule does not apply to repairs of a dispenser system;
  • (C) For spill and overfill protection, OAR 340-150-0310;
  • (D) For corrosion protection, OAR 340-150-0320 and 340-150-0325; and
  • (E) For release detection, OAR 340-150-0400 through 340-150-0470.

(b) Allow the department access to the UST facility and records (OAR 340-150-0135(2));

(c) Provide information to the department upon request and submit information regarding UST system or UST facility changes (OAR 340-150-0135(4) and (5)); and

(d) Comply with all installation notification and written report requirements (OAR 340-150-0300).

(OAR 340-150-0160)

See OAR 340-150-0163 for Operating Requirements and fee information.

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